1. My Avatar
    • This is the image you may have uploded to show other members who you are and will also help Coordinators recognise new members.
    • It is not compulsory but recomended.
    • If you click your Avatar image it will take you to your profile to view.
    • To change or place an image in your profile , select Edit Profile and in the tab choices select Portrait. In the drop down box select "Upload new image" then select
      the "Choose file" button.
    • Your device files will be shown. Select your image and when you see the image name in the box, click the update button.
    • It is advised to keep these profile images below 1 MB.
  2. View your Profile
    • This reacts similar to the Avatar in as much that you can click on your name and go to your profile with the difference it only shows your name.
  3. Phone Number
    • Your phone number is also dynamically collected from your profile and is your Preferred Contact Number. If you wish to change this you will need to go and edit it in your profile. It cannot be edited here.
  4. Emergancy Contact Name, Emergancy Contact Number and Emergancy Contact Relationship